Dietitian created meal plans
Shabbat and Holiday Recipes
Kid-approved meals
Nutrition facts for every recipe
Snacks and Desserts included



fresh families by jamie geller

If the daily challenge of “What’s for dinner?” stresses you out, or you want to cook healthier but just don’t know how, it’s time to try something new. Fresh Families is for anyone who ever wanted to break the cycle of overly processed frozen fish sticks, chicken nuggets or take-out pizza. Our family-friendly menus, weekly shopping lists, make aheads, and members-only community set you up for mealtime success every day.

What’s Included: Weekly kosher menus and shopping lists with Dietitian approved, kids-friendly recipes that are all under 10 ingredients and use 1 pot or 1 pan.


fresh families community


Join Jamie Geller, Tamar Genger, MA, RD, Chef Laura Frankel, and a vibrant online community of Fresh Families just like you. Receive daily support, learn new tips, and receive personalized recommendations in a safe place where you can share both your wins and challenges. ...

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Plan Ahead

Each weekly menu will include tips, tricks and prep-ahead tools of the trade that will help you win dinnertime, every time. Plus, many of our meals can be made days in advance, so you can be organized and ready when tummys are a-rumblin’. ...

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Fresh Start – 2 Week Family Friendly Cleanse

Healthy eating begins today. We’re going to show you how to swap out common pantry ingredients with better-for-you alternatives, how to incorporate more whole foods into your meals, and create family-friendly dinners your kids will enjoy. ...

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